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These are our favorite dog/golden related webpages. Hopefully you enjoy them as well!

K9 Data - This is an open database for Golden Retriever Pedigrees, its fun to look around

Golden Retriever Club of America - We are members, it's a great site with tons of information, just redone at the end of 2008. Lots of information if you are looking to get a Golden puppy, information about the breed and its history. If you love Goldens you should spend some time here!

Bad Dog Agility - It's where the naughty dogs train! If you play in the sport of agility or you are interested in agility you should check out this podcast. Also lots of other great rousources on this page.

GRCA Yearbook - The Golden Retriever Club of America Yearbook, see who has been earning titles each year! 

Golden Retriever Studies - This is a very interesting page containing lots of studies on Golden Retrievers including lifespans, oldest and youngest Golden to attain each major AKC title, COI, current number of Goldens holding each major AKC titles, current number of Goldens holding each major AKC title, etc... 

NORCAL Golden Retriever Club - We have been members since 2016, they are very active in Northern CA.

Bay Team - We are not currently members, but they are a great agility group in Northern CA, primarily focused on USDAA.

Agility Club of San Diego - We were members of the Agility Club of San Diego 2005-2011 before we moved to Nor Cal.

Southwest Agility Calendar - Want to know what agility trials are coming up on California? This is the best place to find out. It has all the agility trial, clinics and show n gos. Also has links to contact information! 

Golden Retriever Club of San Diego County - San Diego Golden Retriever Club, were were members and I served on the board before we moved in 2012.

Inland Valley Retriever Club - This is a club dedicated to training retrievers for hunt tests and field trials located in Southern California.  

Clean Run - This is the best (and I think only) agility magazine. The store also has great toys and supplements. We order from them on a regular basis.

Whole Dog Journal - We subscribe to this publication, its a great source of information for dog nutrition and training information 

Golden Retriever Forum - This is a great forum and very active 

Top Golden Retrievers Site - Another great forum and pictures site!! 

Everything Golden - This site has great articles on training, showing, and caring for your Golden Retriever. Also has brag ads and stud dog listings. 


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