Margold Golden Retrievers Barley and Mira GRCA National 2010
Barley and Mira Utah 2010
Mira at the 2012 NAC
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Mira GRCA National WC 2010

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Mira's Stats
Registration: AKC SR48307902
Birthday: January 25, 2008
Height at Withers: 21.88"
Weight: 51 lbs
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Mira's Clearances
Hips: Excellent OFA GR-100061E24F-VPI
Elbows: Normal OFA GR-EL21605F24-VPI
Eyes: OFA GR-EYE5458/78F-VPI
Heart: GR-CA17544/24F/C-VPI-ECHO
PRA-prcd: Clear (Optigen 10-7704)
PRA1: Clean (Optigen 10-7704)
Ichthyosis: Carrier (Optigen 10-7704)
OFA Link to Clearances

Mira has qualified for the AKC National Agility Championship (NAC) every year from 2011-2019!

Mira earned the GRCA Triathlon Award at the 2010 National Specialty by entering and qualifying in the Conformation, Performance, and Field Events. 

Mira was born in Escondido, CA in the Puppy Prodigies program. Her dad is FC/AFC Glenhaven HTRS MN Baronet MH FDHF OS and her mom is Yaqui's Josie. I had big plans for her when I got her, and to my delight she is everything I wanted and more. Mira is a great team player with lots of drive who is always ready to work. When you bring her inside she loves to cuddle on the couch and watch TV, exhibiting a wonderful on/off switch. She gets along with all dogs and people and especially loves children. She exemplifies that very special "golden" temperament, and it has earned her fans everywhere she goes.

Mira has a wonderful work ethic and is eager and willing to do anything you want, she is incredibly biddable making an ideal teammate. As a young pup she took to agility training like she was a natural. The first weekend she stepped into the agility ring she went 4 for 4, with 4 100 (perfect) scores, 4 first places and Novice High in Trial. Seven days after that she completed both her AKC Novice titles, going through Novice with a 100% Q rate. The following day she picked up her first two Open legs! Whew, what a start! Mira also went through all of Novice and Open Standard with a 100% Q rate!

Mira qualified for the Front and Finish Agility Award Of Excellence (Platinum) for her fantastic start in agility. The criteria for this award is "Attainment of an agility title in the first three consecutive classes with clear rounds (scores of 100)". Mira did this TWICE! She again qualified for the combined Platinum award, when she finished all of her first 8 AKC Agility titles in 12 months. The Awards of Excellence are intended to indicate that you have achieved your title at a superior level. Mira earned her MACH one month after her 3rd birthday, she ended the year earning her MACH2 on December 11, 2011. That is two MACHs before 4 years old! Mira went on to earn her MACH3 in Aug 2012 and MACH4 in Feb 2013. After her MACH4 she took a maternity leave. (See below for a complete list of Mira's titles and accomplishments.) 

In 2013 Mira took some time off from competition to whelp and raise 5 wonderful puppies. You can find out more about this talented group here: Edge x Mira litter. We cannot wait to hear about all of the great things they do. One daughter, Lindy, stayed here with us. You can find out more about her on her page.

Mira has also introduced me to the world of field training! She comes from strong field lines, so I decided to go and see what field training was all about. We were both hooked. The look in her eyes when she got her first bird was priceless. Mira earned her WC in the spring of 2009 and her Junior Hunt in 2012. When we are not busy with agility we enjoy going out and playing in the field. 

Mira is moderate dog who is balanced front to rear. This allows her excellent coordination, moving effortlessly while gaiting, jumping on the agility course, or running in the field. Mira has a level topline, but a slightly low tailset. She has a short wavy field coat with good feathering, that dries quickly and easily brushes free of dirt and burrs. She has a lovely expression with nice pigment and wonderful temperament, fitting of a Golden Retriever. Mira earned her CCA (GRCA's Noncompetitive Conformation Assessment Program) at the 2010 GRCA National. To learn more about the breed standard please go here: 

Mira Videos

MACH6 Mira! November 2014
MACH4 Mira! Feb 2013
MACH3 Mira!!
AKC Obedience Novice A Heel Free Oct 2011
Triathlon Award GRCA National 2010

Titles Earned

GRCA WC (Working Certificate) April 26, 2009 
AKC NA (Novice Agility) July 3, 2009
AKC NAJ (Novice Agility Jumper) July 3, 2009
AKC OA (Open Agility) August 22, 2009
AKC OAJ (Open Agility Jumper) August 30, 2009
AKC AXJ (Excellent Agility Jumper) December 5, 2009
AKC AX (Excellent Agility) December 26, 2009
AKC MXJ (Master Agility Jumper) June 20, 2010
AKC MX (Master Agility) July 3, 2010
GRCA ADHF (Agility Dog Hall of Fame) August 1, 2010
GRCA CCA (Certificate of Conformation Assessment) September 28, 2010
GRCA VC (Versatility Certificate) September 28, 2010
AKC RN (Rally Novice) October 23, 2010 
AKC NF (Novice FAST) January 29, 2011
AKC MACH (Master Agility Champion) February 26, 2011
AKC MACH2 (Master Agility Champion 2) December 11, 2011
AKC OF (Open FAST) May 15, 2012
AKC XF (Excellent FAST) June 30, 2012
AKC MXG (Master Excellent Gold) 75 Standard Qs
AKC MJG (Master Excellent Jumpers Gold) 75 Jumpers Qs
AKC MACH3 (Master Agility Champion 3) August 26, 2012
AKC JH (Junior Hunter) October 6, 2012
AKC MJC (Master Century Jumper, 100 Qs) November 3, 2012
AKC T2B (Time 2 Beat) November 11, 2012
AKC MXC (Master Century Agility, 100 Qs) December 29, 2012
AKC MACH4 (Master Agility Champion 4) February 18, 2013
AKC MXF (Master FAST) March 2, 2013
AKC MJB2 (Master Bronze Jumpers 2) October 20, 2013
AKC MXB2 (Master Bronze Agility 2) February 9, 2014
AKC MACH5 (Master Agility Champion 5) April 11, 2014
AKC TQX (Triple Q Excellent) April 11, 2014
AKC MJS2 (Master Silver Jumpers 2) April 11, 2014
AKC MFB (Master Bronze FAST) June 15, 2014
AKC MXS2 (Master Silver Agility 2) August 22, 2014
AKC MJG2 (Master Gold Jumpers 2) September 6, 2014

Awards Earned

GRC San Diego Agility Novice High in Trial June 28, 2009
Front and Finish Excellence Award FFX-AP Class Award July 3, 2009
AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) July 12, 2009
GRC Los Angeles Agility Open High in Trial August 30, 2009
Front and Finish Excellence Award FFX-AP Combined Award July 3, 2010
GRCA Triathlon Award October 3, 2010
Qualified for the AKC National Agility Championship 2011
Qualified for the AKC National Agility Championship 2012
Qualified for the AKC National Agility Championship 2013
Qualified for the AKC National Agility Championship 2014

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